Our goal is to provide our customers worldwide with sustainable and economic access to raw materials and to enable mobility for everyone through infrastructure projects.


With sustainable and economic access to raw materials, we help our customers to create prosperity for mankind and to connect people through infrastructure projects. To do this, we use our technical expertise as one of the world's leading specialist mining companies and our over 150 years of experience.


  • People are the most valuable asset:  Our employees determine the success and growth of our company; their development is particularly important to us. The interaction with each other and with third parties is characterized by fairness, appreciation, openness, mutual understanding and trust.

  • Relationship management:  Satisfied customers form the basis for the success of our company and are both challenge and commitment to us. We strive to treat customers, suppliers, service providers and other relevant stakeholders fairly and in a spirit of partnership. We place the same demands on our business partners as we do on ourselves.

  • Responsibility:  Our values include the obligation to act responsibly for the benefit of our customers, suppliers and service providers, as well as strict compliance with data protection and safety regulations with regard to health and environmental protection for the benefit of employees, customers and the community.

  • Commitment:  We are entrepreneurial, innovative and performance-oriented with the aim of meeting the requirements of our customers and stakeholders (including suppliers, partners, authorities, employees and the community).

  • Communication:  Open, direct and friendly communication is the basis for good cooperation and the key to success. That is why all our employees at all levels of the company assume responsibility for effective communication themselves.

  • Preservation of mining tradition and culture:  We are proud to belong to a profession with a long history such as that of the miner, to carry on the heritage of mining and to pass on mining technology knowledge.

  • Continuous improvement:  The pursuit of continuous improvement is our declared corporate goal.