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Development and Preparatory Work

  • drifting horizontal and inclined
  • rock driftings, coal headings
  • exploration roadways
  • rise headings
  • cuttings
  • bunker
  • draw point raises
  • large storage rooms
  • roadway junctions
  • assembly chambers
  • shaft-landings
  • machine declines
  • coal face preparations

Drifting Technologies

  • full-thickness cutting development
  • continuous mining
  • drilling and blasting operation
  • development by hand

Support Methods

  • steel support
  • roof-bolting
  • full face driving
  • combi support
  • concrete support
  • shotcrete lining
  • stone work walling
  • wool tubbing
  • NÖT (new Austrian driving method)

Other Works

  • shaft rehabilitation
  • assembly of underground equipment
  • rail system work
  • repair and rehabilitation measures
  • lowering work
  • injection work
  • withdrawal work
  • preparation of special constructions
  • transportation work

In this context the rebuilding of existing shafts for mineral springs is included in the range of work.


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