THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU GMBH has been active in the German coal mining industry since 1871. Initially operated purely as a shaft sinking and drilling company, the range of activities was later extended further: the "Mining" division was founded, focusing and specialising specifically on the excavation of underground roadways and infrastructure spaces in the German hard coal mining industry, such as bunkers, rollholes, large spaces, and heading and tailings. Underground rock and seam drifts have been and are being excavated using modern drilling and blasting technology or roadheaders. Between 1980 and the end of 1990, more than 20 to 30 kilometres of roadway were excavated annually. Even full-face cutting machines were successfully used in the construction of interconnected mines, the merging of neighbouring coal mines.

After the end of coal mining in Germany, the focus of activity within the framework of the perpetuity tasks is on the "conversion of mine water drainage", which includes, among other things, the securing and safekeeping as well as the rehabilitation of former mines. This offers great potential for the future. Due to our expertise, our many years of experience as well as our flexible solutions, we are very well prepared and positioned for the demanding tasks.

With qualified and highly motivated personnel, the most difficult geological and climatic conditions are thus mastered. A continuously improved safety system, combined with the latest mining technology, guarantees the highest level of work safety and quality.

Bergbau-Spezialgesellschaft Ruhr-Lippe mbH

In 2008, due to increased demand for well-trained mining specialists in Germany, the Bergbau-Spezialgesellschaft Ruhr-Lippe mbH was founded. The company is active as a personnel leasing company for the national market and carries out all specialised mining work. The personnel is active in roadway driving, rehabilitation, securing and safekeeping as well as in mine water drainage.